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Here you may test the plug-ins before integrate them into article pages. Please use the Plug-in page to discuss these and further extensions!

Access Control is restricted to MPDL[edit]

See first line of the article

Testing Glossary[edit]

Step by step testing:

  • Choose an abbreviation or akronym from the glossary page or add a new one there
  • Add your chosen abbreviation to this list:
  • FTP
  • HTTP
  • ...
  • Test the result by mousing over the abbreviation
  • Add your comments, findings, questions etc. at the CoLab Plug-in page.

Testing the mouse over effect is also possible directly at the glossary page or on any page of this wiki where one of the abbreviations is in use.

Testing Hierarchy[edit]

This is a sample index of a page hierarchy.

<index> Sample Top page

Sample Chapter one[edit]

Sample Topic one[edit]

Sample Topic two[edit]

Sample Chapter two[edit]

Sample Topic three[edit]

Sample Subtopic A[edit]

Sample Subtopic B[edit]

Sample Topic four[edit]


Testing Tag Cloud[edit]

AAI  AWOB  AWOB Functional Specification  AWOB Meetings  AWOB QA  AWOB Releases  AWOB Tasks  AWOB Videocons  Application Profiles  BAR Projects  Best Practice  Bibliotheca Hertziana  Carpet  CoLab  CoLab Content  CoLab Events Archive  CoLab Quick Start  CoNE  Code Discussion  Content Models  Corporate Design  DARIAH  DLC2  DLC Testen  Digital Collections  Digitization Lifecycle  Digitization Lifecycle Telcos  Disclaimer  Discussion  DocumentType  EDoc  ELab  ESciDoc  ESciDoc Application Profiles  ESciDoc Committer Meeting 2011  ESciDoc Committer Meeting 2012  ESciDoc Developer  ESciDoc Logical Data Model  ESciDoc Mappings  ESciDoc Services  ESciDoc Single Sign On  EScience Seminars  Edmond  Encoding Scheme  EndNote AG  Events  FAQ  FIZ Team  Faces  Faces Application Profiles  Faces Functional Specification  Faces Support  Functional specification  How To  INGe  INGe Interface Specifications  IT Meetings  Icon  Imeji  Imeji Content moved  Imeji Functional Specification  Imeji MPDL  Imeji MPG Acquisition  Imeji Meetings  Imeji Meetings 2012  Imeji Meetings 2013  Imeji Meetings 2014  Imeji QA  Imeji Technical Specification  Imeji terms  Information Provision  Ingest  Installation instruction  Institutions  JSF  Jira  JusCMS  JusCMS Contens  JusCMS Meetings  JusCMS PubMan Set-up  JusCMS Workpackage 0  JusCMS Workpackage 1  JusCMS Workpackage 2  JusCMS Workpackage 5  JusCMS Workpackage 6  JusCMS Workpackage 7  JusCMS Workpackages  KIM  LAMUS Data Model  LSLD  LZA  Liferay  Linguistic Literature  Logo  MD Store  MPDL  MPDL-IT  MPDL Architectural Board  MPDL Developer  MPDL Internal Seminars  MPDL Projects  MPDL Service Management  Metadata  NIMS  Open Access  Open Science  PARSE.Insight  Pages with broken file links  Peer  Persistent Identifier  Portal  Portrait  Projects  PuRe  PubMan  PubMan Anwendertreffen  PubMan Community  PubMan Days  PubMan Development  PubMan Events  PubMan Functional Specification  PubMan Functionalities  PubMan How-To  PubMan Meetings  PubMan Migration  PubMan QA  PubMan Requirements  PubMan Support  Putty  RDM Meetings  Reinhold von Sengbusch Collection  Release Log  SQM Meetings  SQM Projects  Scrapbook  Serveradministration  ServiceOrientedArchitecture  Software  Software Quality Management  Solutions  Standards  System Administration  TEI  TEI Demonstrator  TWR  Templates  Test Automation  Tools  Trip report  User Interface Engineering  User groups  VIRR Functional specification  VLib  Virtueller Raum Reichsrecht  Wordpress  Wordpress Blogs MPDL  Wordpress Plugins  ZfN 

Testing Calendar[edit]


Testing Category Tree[edit]


Category Manual not found

Testing Freemind[edit]

Freemind: <mm></mm>

Testing Table Edit[edit]

Tool How? Comment? Who?
Mediawiki Viel lesen, viel probieren Mächtiges Tool, aber das verleitet natürlich auch viel zum Rumprobieren Mahnende Stimme
Table Edit Zweimal muss man klicken bis man was editiern darf Alle Informationen sind anschliessend auch direkt in der wiki syntax editierbar, d.h. die Nutzung von Table Edit ist optional Inga
Trac Einfach Andre fragen I love it :)
edit table
edit table

New table:

Id Cool Coolest Done













edit table
Englisch Deutsch Italienisch Definition Kommentar




Testing Templates[edit]

eSciDoc Solutions

Overview · Functionalities
Interfaces · Support

Overview · Functionalities
Scope · Support

Overview · Functionalities
Scope · Support

Digitization Lifecycle


Templates can be used for various purposes, e.g.:

  • to improve navigation between related articles. You can find an example for an navigational template on the right hand side
  • to harmonize input to ensure that similar subjects have a uniform look and in a common format. An example is the "Infobox_Scientist" as provided in the Wikipedia article on Max Planck
  • to markup the text. An example are the cite templates which allow you to provide structured reference information (see below)
  • to post messages on article pages

Several thousands of templates have been deployed in Wikipedia, see

Testing TOCright[edit]

see top of this page

Testing Navigational Templates[edit]

see top of this section

Testing References and Cite templates[edit]

This is reference 1[1] which is directly followed by reference 2[2]. And we also have reference 3[3]. One of the fun stuff is that named references can be easily repeated[3]

Testing References[edit]

they look marvelously

  1. Smith, R (April 1978). "Size of the Moon". Scientific American 46 (2): 44-46. 
  2. Cordell, Bruce R.; Jeff Grubb, David Yu (September 2001). Manual of the Planes. Wizards of the Coast. ISBN 0-7869-1850-8. 
  3. 3.0 3.1 Mumford, David (1999). The Red Book of victory. Springer, 198-203. ISBN 354063293X.