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This page provides a mapping from MAB to MODS based on the requirements for the ViRR project.

Format Name[edit]

Source: MAB
Target: MODS


MAB Field Label (of AP) Description MODS Comment
001 Record Identifier Local, but not stable record identifier (always changes after updating the dataset) recordInfo recordIdentifier id="MAB001" not needed by Institute
720 Record Identifier Local and stable record identifier (as 001 always changes after updating the data) recordInfo recordIdentifier id="MAB720" needed for display purpose (NO editing!). Label would be: Katalognummer
3 010 RelatedItem.Identifier Identifier of the parent relatedItem type="host" identifier type="local"
037 Language Language language languageTerm type="text" ger encoding schema RFC 4646
089 or 451 (only the numeral) Order Volume number part type="host" order="…" detail number
100, 104, 108 … 196 Creator (normed) Verfasser (normiert)

<name type="personal" authority="pnd"> <namePart type>
<role> <roleTerm type="code" authority="marcrelator"> aut

If no person information exists, the creator name will be filled with the String "Unbekannt" during ingestion
Reason: In ViRR it is not allowed to have a work without any associated person.
100b, 104b, 108b … 196b Creator (normed) Associated Name (normed)

<name type="personal" authority="pnd"> <namePart>
<role> <roleTerm type="code" authority="marcrelator"> asn

304 Title Uniform title <titleInfo type="uniform"><title>
310 Title Other variant title <titleInfo type="alternative"><title>
341 Title Parallel title
<titleInfo type="translated"><title>
331 Title Main Title <titleInfo> <title>
335 Subtitle Subtitle
<titleInfo> <subtitle>
359 Note Statement of responsibility <note type="statementOfResponsibility">
361 RelatedItem.Title Work in a collection without collective title <relatedItem type="constituent"> <titleInfo> <title>
403 EditionStatement Edition Statement <originInfo> <edition>



Place of publication
Place of printing

<originInfo> <place> <placeTerm type="text">
  • 410 (place of publication) as well as 410a (place of print) can both only be mapped to mods:origininfo:place:placeterm, ending up with an array of placeterms, but unable to determine which one is place of publication or place of print
  • the same applies to 412 (publisher) and 412a (printer), which both are mapped to mods:origininfo:publisher.
  • Solution: As discussed in meeting, we will create two originInfo entries, if the entry contains date value it represents a publisher, otherwise it represents a printer




<originInfo> <publisher>
425 DateIssued Date of publication <originInfo> <dateIssued keyDate="yes" encoding="w3cdtf">
433 NumberOfPages Collation <physicalDescription> <extent>
451 (all) RelatedItem.Title Series Title <relatedItem type="series"> <titleInfo> <title>
501 Note Note <note>
544 Location Shelfmark <location> <physicalLocation>
902, 907, 912 … 947 Subject Keyword <subject> <topic>
All subjects of one similar field (e.g. 902) shall first be mixed to a subject chain with / between each word so that the values will be handled as one subject, not as several ones.
Extension for the Journal Project
542a Identifier ISSN <identifier type="issn"></identifier>
370a Other title
Weiterer Sachtitel <titleInfo type=???><title></title></titleInfo>
432 Abstract
(Not in AP extend?)
Bandzusammenfassung <abstract></abstract>
572 Identifier ZDB-ID ??? <identifier type="zdb-id"></identifier> ???
580 Identifier Sonstige Nr. [hier: Kirchner-Nr.] <identifier type="kirchner"></identifier>
580 Identifier Sonstige Nr. [hier: eZDB] <identifier type="eZDB"></identifier>
Mapping for Volumes (csv - MODS)

Example Data[edit]

Following bibliographic metadata is currently available:

General Information[edit]

  • As a rule we can state that every element is mapped with the full path. That means that for every MAB entry a full MODS element will be created. E.g.: every creator will have his own name tag.
  • The bibliographic metadata will be transferred to MODS according to the recommendation from the zvdd.