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The purpose of this page is to collect ideas for possible new Scenarios.

Please note that this page has a brainstorming function, the specifications on this page are not implemented or scheduled for implementation.

Keywords and Synonymns[edit]


Keywords are used as basis for a browsable index list.

  • The following content should be indexed by the system and displayed in the list:
    • Bibliographic metadata
    • Descriptive metadata
  • Manually editing of keyword lists (assignment of keywords)
    • Keywords are part of the bibliographic and the descriptive metadata.
  • The keywords from the bibliographic metadata should not be used for the keyword list


  1. Creation of a synonym list
    • A synonym list can be based on the keyword list
  2. Assignment of synonyms
    • During the editing of metadata it should be possible to specify new synonyms which then should be automatically added to the synonym list.
    • If one synonym is not valid for the whole term of a metadata field, it should be possible to mark the part of the term (e.g. for "Die Polizeiordnungen des heiligen römischen Reiches" one synonym is "Polizeyordnungen").

Open Points[edit]

  • Shall the synonyms be integrated in the index list?

Scenarios for Synonyms[edit]

  1. Search: When searching for one special term, also the items which use a synonym of this term in their metadata will be found (e.g the search for "Augsburg" also finds "Augspurg")
  2. Display of synonyms in the full item view

Controlled Vocabularies[edit]

  • Vocabulary: Deutsches Rechtswoerterbuch/Heidelberg
  • Integrate Normdata (Author, Subject=SWD)
  • Icon Class (depends on availability)

Further Collections[edit]

Following collections might be integrated or referenced from the ViRR solution


What relations do we have in ViRR?

  • Relations between one word and a dictionary
  • Relation between the TOC and the work

What relations do we seek?

  • Linking to other digital archives / OPACs /research projects. Each multivolume, volume or monograph can be linked to the corresponding entry in the OPAC of the institute.


Test Case[edit]

We can get a fulltext for testing purposes from the Uni Heidelberg for the Reichsdeputationsabschied von 1571 (the digitized works are from the institute). This data isn't finished yet. And the selected book is not part of our 15 books planned for ViRR Phase 1.


  • The test data should not be visible in the open access part of the ViRR collection. But it would be nice for the institute to see, how it could look like.

Questions about the test data:

  • In wich format is it (XML)?
  • Do we get metadata as well?

Work with TEI:

  • TEI has to be prepared in XSLT

TEI Transcriptions[edit]

  • A transcription of all pages is desirable. Perhaps an OCR method can be integrated, which has to be corrected manually.
  • A tool for the online creation of transcriptions is needed with further functionalities:
    • Automatic display of "who has done what"
    • Connection with the workflow: every user should be able to create or update a transcription, but the changes will only be released when they are authorized by a legitimate person.
  • Heidelberg will deliver several transcriptions of the texts which can be integrated in ViRR. There, the scientists shall have the possibility to rework them.
    ViRR shall support to annotate external objects (like the transcriptions from Heidelberg), without saving the object directly in ViRR (redundant data storage is not desirable).
    This can only work, when the users of ViRR have the privileges to change the external objects.

DigiLib Integration[edit]

  • Digilib functionalities to navigate within one picture
    • Zooming in, zooming out, framing of a zoom area, switching back to see the whole picture
    • Left, right, up and down navigation within a zoomed picture
    • "View negative" functionality
    • Dynamic creation of a "identification stamp" (Herkunftsnachweis) on all pictures in the "detailed view" (also after zooming)


  • What do we want to annotate?


Multiple pages from different works should be able to be compiled into one 'album' for further research, sharing, what else?

Expose Matadata[edit]

  • Offering metadata to the ZVDD (zentrales Verzeichnis digitalisierter Drucke) and other virtual libraries. OAI-PMH Interface?
  • Delivery of one complete dataset for the DNB for long term archiving
  • Integration in Europeana?--Ulla 15:27, 22 October 2009 (UTC)

Usability Issues[edit]

  • Define "Genre specific entry mask" for different types of structural elements (list of struct. elements which can follow other struct. elements ). Currently, each structural element type can have all descriptive metadata as listed below. This could be restricted (based on the Idea "genre specific entry mask"), but that will mean a lot of specification work on the institutes side and on our side (perhaps the documentation from Goobi can be helpful).
  • Specify new functionality "Aufnahmemodus" as "Easy Edit" modus (already integrated in the ViRR Prototype for R3, but will not be realized in R3)


  • Is a browsing via the names of the documents (law titles) needed (systematic browsing)?